Leadership Development, Change Management, Team & Influence Skills

Underlying Rath & Strong's approach to business process improvement is the premise that the success of your implementation depends on people – people to lead, organize, and manage the rollout; select the right projects; assign resources; take on the Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, and Champion roles; lead and participate on project teams; provide data; agree on improvements; and implement those improvements. Focusing on methods, tools, and cost savings is necessary for a successful rollout of a Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, or other business process improvement initiative. But, you will also need to get the commitment of a wide variety of “stakeholders," and you will need to address behavioral and culture issues to achieve high performance.

Effective Leadership Counsel and Roadmaps to Achieving Change
Our counsel to leaders is especially effective in helping executives and senior management spearhead change within the relatively short, critical timeframe they have to achieve their objectives. Our leadership development, coaching, and change management approaches tie specific action plans to business imperatives to gain long-lasting success.

Team and Personal Coaching Achieve Measurable Business Results
A central goal in our work is to transfer knowledge and skill to our clients so that the client organization becomes rapidly self-sufficient. We coach for action. And we develop the specific team leadership skills Master Black Belts and Black Belts need to lead successful Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma projects. In addition to providing personal feedback and behavioral suggestions, we operationalize the changes to be made.

Rath & Strong's Dynamic Change Management Model

The last thing we want is to become another layer of management. Our role is to guide, coach, teach, and provide tools and disciplines — then phase out, leaving both much stronger individual performers and a much stronger organization.

Global Capabilities, Experience, and Distinctive Value
  • Executive coaching from seasoned consultants with executive-level experience and practical industry knowledge
  • Leader's Personal Roadmaps SM leverage leader's style to guide change with a time-phased plan
  • Unique soft-side of change “Team & Influence Skills" programs help Belts meet challenges of getting results through people
  • Language, cross-cultural, and local culture customization
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