Quality Management Systems


Quality Management Systems

What is a Quality Management System (QMS)?
A QMS is the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. An effective QMS is focused not only on the results, but also the means to achieving these results.

The four essential elements of a QMS are:
  • Policy and objectives providing guidance to the organization
  • Defined responsibilities so people know clearly what is expected
  • Defined processes linking daily activities to the objectives
  • Continual improvement of process performance

Standards are not a QMS.
ISO 9001 and other similar standards are not a QMS. However, they provide a guide for developing an organization's QMS. These standards contain accepted good management practices for meeting stakeholder requirements. Therefore, there are several benefits to ensuring your system conforms to a standard, including:
  • Incorporating lessons learned from a multitudes of organizations
  • Common language across the organization and the value chain
  • Legal protection, showing compliance to accepted good management practices
  • System certification, making it possible to do business where compliance is required

We believe the implementation of a Quality Standard should ensure that your company realizes the full business benefit of a Quality Management System, avoiding the trap of it being seen as certification for its own sake.

Our Approach
We enhance the methods you use to run your business while at the same time conforming to any applicable standards and regulations, such as ISO. We ensure improved organization buy-in as well as lower implementation costs. We work closely with our clients to manage projects and ensure objectives are achieved. Also, your new QMS will be self-improving using your Lean Six Sigma tools and methods. And of course, we will pass on our skills to your people so that you have a system that is truly self-sufficient.

Our Services
To help you create a QMS our services include:
  • Assessment to indentify the strengths and gaps in your current system
  • Consultation to design and implement you QMS
  • Training and coaching to manage implementation
  • Change management training and coaching
  • Support creating and maintaining documentation
  • Training and consultation for continuous improvement

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