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Pecos River® is world class at helping people in companies change how they think and act — so they can implement important business strategies more quickly and easily. Founded by author, educator, and world-renowned entrepreneur Larry Wilson in 1983, Pecos River® processes have helped countless individuals to raise their levels of courage and creativity. As a result, hundreds of organizations have met the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.

What is the Purpose of Your Business?

When asked this simple question, most people automatically answer, “To make money." This is sometimes disguised as “To increase shareholder value."

Which is, of course, the wrong answer.

The purpose of a business is to successfully solve the problems of customers, the ones they have now and the ones they will have in the future.

No matter what the annual report says, no organization exists as a tangible entity. There is nothing you can touch and feel to say, “This is the corporation." An organization is not the buildings, the patents, the machinery, or the profits. It is the people: their energy, relationships, time, ideas, and resourcefulness.

But as obvious as this may seem, our experience is that the individual is often lost in the mix. Labels like “workforce,"“employees,"“part-time,"“union,"“non-exempt" get applied to individuals, lumping them together in a blurred and confusing mass.

“Life and work is with people," goes an old Yiddish saying. If you want to create high-performing, sustainable, human organizations, you must understand and motivate people to gain their loyalty and commitment.

Pecos River Programs Maximize Adaptability and Creativity

Like individuals, every company has a fundamental set of beliefs, a world view that shapes their thinking and actions. The following are Pecos River's deeply held beliefs about business in today's world:
  • The purpose of a business is to successfully solve the problems of customers.
  • The commitment and loyalty of the individual worker are critical to the success of solving the problems of customers now and in the future.
  • The role of leaders is to:
    • Grow the commitment, loyalty, skills, knowledge, and understanding of the people in the organization, and
    • Free up and focus the maximum amount of people-energy on the right tasks

Remember, work is not our sole reality. We have children that we dream and worry about. We have lives separate from the mission of the company. We are each whole and unique human beings, no matter what our position in the corporate hierarchy.
The vast majority of us come to work not only for personal economic reasons, but also because we want to belong to something important: to do good and competent work, to have some control over that work, and to be respected and treated as individuals.

If leaders – from senior managers to front-line supervisors – can meet those needs, people will flourish. If leaders can create environments that are intellectually challenging and that foster economic, psychological, and physical security, individuals will become highly engaged and committed to their work. Those workers won't just “do the job"; they will put the maximum amount of their creativity and energy to work solving customer problems.

In stark contrast, environments of fear, anxiety, and insecurity create anger. Environments where individuals are treated as commodities generate apathy and mere compliance.

Humans are not “wired" to do one job over and over again. Humans are designed to think, to create, to have opinions. We are generalists, innovators, tinkerers. We are by nature highly adaptive and creative.

That adaptability and creativity are the very qualities that organizations need right now.

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